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CE Product Marking

CE product marking is a declaration by the manufacturer that the item in question meets all of the relevant European quality and performance standards, and is a singular assurance reference for consumer confidence.


CE Product Approvals

Declaration of Conformity

ADHB G Series
ADHS B Series
ADHS ZX Series
ADHS RX Series
ADHS SX Series
Conformity to
BS EN 175 : 1997
BS EN 379 : 2003

European Specifications for Welding Helmets

BS EN 175: 1997 BS EN 379 : 2003 BS EN 169 : 2002

Personal Protection, Equipment for eye and face protection during welding and allied processes

Specification for welding filters with switchable luminous transmittance and welding filters with dual  luminous transmittance (variable-shade )

Specification for filters for personal eye protection equipment used in welding and similar operations  (fixed-shade)

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