ADHS SX Series Solar Welding Helmet [ sorry out of stock ]

ADHS SX Series solar powered welding helmet.

Vari-Shade stepless shade control #9 - #13
CE approved to EN 379 & EN175
Fully automatic operation [ auto on & off ]
External rotary dark shade control & sensitivity control
Robust construction & professional build quality c/w internal spatter screen
Extra filter operating features : grinding / welding mode & delay control
12 month warranty-after sales-spare parts

Competition Winner !! Solar Powered Welding Helmet Model ADHS SX Series.


In a recent consumer comparison test, THE ADHS SX series solar welding helmet came outright winner, over a range of competitor helmets, and was voted best overall for quality, performance and price - This article is featured in the spring editions of two magazines : Tractor Magazine & Model Engineer. The independent test was conducted by an industry respected testing facility in S.E England. Compared with helmets from Sealey, 2 SIP models, Silverline & Clarke, the conclusion of the tester was : "This is Ken's favourite in the line up and a definate winner.  He found it an extremely comfortable helmet with its suede washable sweatband.  User comfort is important  because the helmet can be worn for much of a working day.  The controls are easy to use with a lot of adjustment and the switching time is exceedingly quick.  Lens front and rear are easy to change.  A high quality product at a very fair price." 


Solar Powered Welding Helmet Model ADHS SX Series.

Model ADHS SX Series
Specification EN175 / EN379
Weight 555 grams
Window View 98 x 43mm
UV / IR Protection Permanent Shade DIN16
Dark Shade Range #9 to #13
Light Shade #4
Auto switch time To dark 0.000033 sec [ 1/30,000 ]
Auto recover time To light  0.3-0.8 sec
Power Supply Solar Cells
Helmet Finish High Gloss Pattern Design


Internal Filter Controls for Solar Powered Welding Helmet Model ADHS SX Series.

Internal Control Panel

Mode Control

Mode Grinding & Mode Welding can be set by shift control, enabling this dual helmet function.

Delay Control

3 position shift control of auto recover time to light, between 0.3 & 0.8 secs. To suit varying welding operations i.e. tack welding, and to control after glow situations


Internal Spatter Screen is fitted to this model.


Advanced Headband Functions for Solar Welding Helmet Model ADHS SX Series.

Advanced Function Headband

Forehead Band

Suede extra wide for maximum comfort


As well as standard welding position tilt & up / down adjustments, forward / backward adjustments can be made to vary the distance between the user and the internal screen

C of G Shift

Ratchet mechanism shifts the helmets centre of gravity when in up position, to align with the centre of the users neck, thus improving comfort, and reducing fatigue


CE approved, conforming to EN379 & EN175.

CE conformance is a consumer assurance that a product meets legislative and safety criteria within European markets. Variable shade welding filters to EN 379. Helmet construction to EN175.

12 months warranty applies to this product.

12 months product guarantee.

Full range of spare parts available for all models.

Full range of spare parts are available to service your helmet in case of necessity.

Advanced Function Headband is available as standard on this model.

Advanced function headband is fitted on this model, - see above. Click stop adjustment  extends 520 - 620mm circumference, to fit all.

Solar Powered Welding Helmet Model ADHS SX Series.

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